Plantersville Pines RV Park (“the Park”) wants to keep our rates low and maintain a clean, fun, and quiet park for our guests.  Therefore, the Park has rules to follow for the respect and safety of all our guests.

Reservations & Extended Stays

To guarantee a site, guests shall pay the full amount at the time of booking and the rate begins on that date.  If the guest does not want to pay for the site in advance, they can check back closer to their scheduled arrival date, however, there is no guarantee that the site will still be available.  No guarantee without paying the deposit and site rent.

The Park offers extended stays up to 6 months.  Extended stays require an application and security deposit.  $50 is non-refundable after check-out. Rental Agreements may be extended with approval by management.  All RV sites are considered temporary and not guaranteed each month.

2 People / 2 Pets max per site.  Additional fees may be assessed per person, per day. If recurring rent is late, a late fee will be assessed. Return check charges may be assessed.

Recreational Vehicles

We are not putting an age limit on the RVs if they are well maintained.  Guests must email pictures of their RV for Park Management pre-approval.  No popup or hybrid campers are allowed on long-term sites.  RVs shall be kept cleaned and well-maintained including tires in proper working order to ensure the RV can be safely towed. No build-up of slime, mildew, and/or dirt on RV’s.  Decks are allowed if they are movable and must be kept clean and clear.   No tarps on roofs and no foil or plywood allowed on windows. 

The Park will host a trailer day once a quarter.  Notify the Park Management if you would like to schedule someone to clean, repair, or work on your trailer.  Guests are responsible to pay for services rendered.


The Park wants all our guests to enjoy a clean park and we’ve taken great care to renovate the park to ensure the sites are clean, functional, and safe.  Guests shall keep to the site they have been assigned.  Sites shall be kept clean with no trash, debris, garbage, or junk.   Do not store items under or around RVs.  Do not hang clothing around RV.  Small storage buildings are only allowed with prior approval from Park Management.  No outside trash or trashcans are allowed.  The Park provides a dumpster in front of the community pavilion for your convenience. If violations occur, you will be given one written warning and the Park will allow 2 days for you to correct the issue(s).  In the event Park management corrects any of these issues, you shall be charged the appropriate fee.

Speed Limit, Vehicles & Parking

Park Management asks you to drive slowly and use caution.  Do not exceed 10 MPH.  There may be young children at play.  The safety of all people at the Park is a priority.

All vehicles shall be in drivable condition and registered.  Non-operating vehicles for more than 7-days will be considered abandoned and shall be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Park your vehicle directly in front of your RV.  If your vehicle occupies a needed RV space, you may be charged a fee.  There are to be no more than 2 vehicles per RV.  Use of Park water to wash vehicles, ATV’s and/or watercraft is prohibited.


Under no circumstance shall any guest alter any utilities.  All guest utility connections used to connect to the park utility outlets shall be in good working condition.  No holes, leaks, or exposed wires to water, electric, or septic.  Park Management will give you a written warning if it is not replaced within 1 day or we will replace it and charge you a replacement fee.

Do not put any sanitary napkins, non-biodegradable, or other objects into the septic system.  The septic system is very expensive to repair and if Park Management determines the repair is a direct result of a specific guest, that guest will be charged the repair fee.

Fires & BBQ’s

Plantersville is a beautiful community, heavily wooded with an abundance of creeks, ponds, and lakes.  It can also get dry and become a fire hazard.  Much of the area was devastated a few years back, all because a BBQ was left unattended.

Cooking on a grill or fire pit is allowed.  Please cook at least 30’ away from fences and trees to help prevent forest fires.  A BBQ and fire pit has been provided in the community pavilion area.  Absolutely NO fires are permitted during the dry season when a burn ban is in effect.  All BBQs and fires shall be extinguished immediately upon completion of use.  BBQ and fires pits shall not be used to burn trash or other materials.


The Park loves our fur babies and knows you love yours too.  They are great companions and would hate to see them get lost, abandoned, or another guest gets injured.  Pets of any kind shall be pre-approved by Park Management.  No aggressive animals will be tolerated.  All animals must be spayed or neutered.  All dogs shall always be kept on a leash, unless in the dog park.  The Park provides sanitary stations, so please clean up after your pet. Scoop when they poop.  Pets are not allowed in common rooms, laundry, or shower houses, except for service animals.

Community Pavilion

The community pavilion, laundry facility, and shower house are spaces we want all our guests to enjoy.  Please clean up after yourselves.  Do not leave trash, cigarette butts, bottles, cans, or anything else out.  The main dumpster is located near the community pavilion.  If Park Management cleans up after you, you will be charged a cleaning fee.

Laundry Facility

The laundry room is open around the clock for your convenience.  There are coin-operated washers and dryers.  Please do not overload the machines or they will malfunction.  Please remove your items from machines promptly when finished.  If clothes are not removed, other guests have the right to remove your items and put them on the table for you.

Rest Rooms & Shower House

The restrooms and showers are open 24 hours for your convenience.  Please do not put any hygiene products in the toilets.  We ask you to clean up after yourself with respect for the next person.

Common Room

No smoking or pets are allowed in buildings except service animals.  The Park has provided many comforts of home in the common room for your pleasure – tables, chairs, TV, puzzles, and books.  Please clean up after yourselves so the common area can always be enjoyed by all our guests.

Noise Level & Proper Behavior

We love the community, socializing, and seasonal festivities and want everyone to enjoy their time at the Park.  Keep in mind many of our longer-term guests go to bed and get up early to work.

Quiet time is between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. 

Children are welcome at the Park and Park Management asks that you please be responsible for your children and ensure they are always under supervision.  They are to be courteous of other tenants and of their property.

Please keep music or disruptive noises to a minimum.  There should be no generators, loud music, or excessive noise that can be heard from a distance of at least 20 feet.  No loud parties or loitering.  Public intoxication or loud and offensive behavior is not allowed at any time.  It is your responsibility to see that you and your guests conduct themselves in a safe and acceptable manner.  Offensive guests may be cited and/or evicted.

Safety & Security

The Park has security lighting and cameras.  Park Management will do periodic checks to ensure the guests are safe, all utilities are in working order, and the property, sites, and trailers are well maintained.

  1. Absolutely no drugs allowed on property, you will be evicted immediately.
  2. No open carry weapons or guns.
  3. The Park is not responsible for thefts or accidents of any kind.
  4. The Park recommends you carry renters’ insurance for your possessions.